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            english language schools,United States,Kansas English Language Schools in Kansas


            English Language Schools and Programs in the USA: Kansas
            Internet Directory for International Students, Businesses and Professionals

            20 English Language Schools are located in Kansas

            Click on the school's E-mail address to request more information about
            English as a second (foreign) language programs in Kansas

            Description: Catholic, male boarding school offering an excellent college prep education and flexible program dates. Our Intensive ESL program includes TOEFL prep and meets the needs of each student. ESL students earn five credits per year, applicable toward Maur Hill graduation. Some combinations of English with regular curriculum are also allowed to students in advanced levels. In April our International students from 16 countries host an International Day on campus.

            Location:  Atchison, Kansas (45 minutes from Kansas City)
            Address:  1000 Green Street
                             Atchison, KS 66002, USA
            Tel:          913-367-5482
            Fax:          913-367-5096
            Send E-mail to: cesar@maurhill.com

            Visit our Web site at:


            Donnelly College
            Intensive English Programs

            Description: We at Donnelly College have students that represent 36 different countries. Come join us. We offer Kansas City's original ESL program. Our ESL director has a true heart to help you as a person learn English.

            Location:  Kansas City, Kansas
            Address:  608 North 18th Street
                             Kansas City, KS 66102, USA
            Tel:          913-621-8720
            Fax:          913-621-8737
            Send E-mail to: esl@donnelly.cc.ks.us


            Johnson County Community College
            Intensive English Program

            Description: The Intensive English Program (IEP) at Johnson County Community College (JCCC) serves non-native English language learners in order to improve and strengthen their language skills for college academic study.

            Location:  Overland Park, Kansas
            Address:  12345 College Blvd., 223 CC
                             Overland Park, KS 66210-1299, USA
            Tel:          (913) 469.8500, ext. 4386
            Fax:          (913) 469-2586
            Send E-mail to: jcouch@jccc.net


            Kansas State University
            English Language Program

            Description: The ELP is an intensive English Program. Students come to prepare for university study or to improve their English for personal / professional reasons Classes have 12-15 students from 17 countries taught by experienced teachers with advanced degrees.

            Location:  Manhattan, Kansas
            Address:  205 Fairchild Hall
                             Manhattan, KS 66506-1106, USA
            Tel:          (785) 532-7324
            Fax:          (785) 532-6550
            Send E-mail to: elp@ksu.edu


            University of Kansas
            Applied English Center

            Description: The Applied English Center at the University of Kansas is in a beautiful small city near Kansas City. We welcome students at all levels of proficiency. Courses focus on academic work and practical uses of English.

            Location:  Lawrence, Kansas
            Address:  204 Lippincott Hall
                             Lawrence, KS 66045, USA
            Tel:          (785) 864-4606
            Fax:          (785) 864-5050
            Send E-mail to: aec@ukans.edu


            Wichita State University
            Intensive English Language Center

            Description: The Intensive English Language Center is a comprehensive Intensive English program. We offer several services to students including free pickup from the airport, weekly activities, and TOEFL preparation classes.

            Location:  Wichita, Kansas
            Address:  Office of International Admissions
                             Wichita, KS 67260-0122, USA
            Tel:          (316) 978-3232
            Fax:          (316) 978-3777
            Send E-mail to: intadm@twsuvm.uc.twsu.edu


            Bethany College
            Intensive English Program

            Location:  Lindsborg
            Address:  421 North First Street
                             Lindsborg, KS 67456, USA
            Tel:          913-227-3311
            Fax:          913-227-2860


            Coffeyville Community College
            Intensive English Program

            Location:  Coffeyville
            Address:  400 West 11th
                             Coffeyville, KS 67337, USA
            Tel:          (316) 251-7700


            Dodge City Community College
            ESL Program

            Location:  Dodge City
            Address:  2501 North 14th Avenue
                             Dodge City, KS 67801, USA
            Tel:          316-227-9217
            Fax:          316-227-9277


            Emporia State University
            Intensive English Program

            Location:  Emporia
            Address:  ESU Box 4024
                             Emporia, KS 66801-5087, USA
            Tel:          (316) 341-5900


            Fort Hays State University
            Hays Language Institute

            Location:  Hays
            Address:  600 Park Street, Picken Hall Room 200
                             Hays, KS 67601, USA
            Tel:          785-628-2121
            Fax:          785-628-2322


            Friends University
            Intensive English Program

            Location:  Wichita
            Address:  2100 West University Street
                             Wichita, KS 67213, USA
            Tel:          316-295-5835
            Fax:          316-295-5703


            Hesston College
            Intensive English Program

            Location:  Hesston
            Address:  PO Box 3000
                             Hesston, KS 67062, USA
            Tel:          (316) 327-8133
            Send E-mail to: DaveO@hesston.edu


            Independence Community College
            Intensive English Program

            Location:  Independence
            Address:  College Avenue and Brookside Drive, P.O.Box 708
                             Independence, KS 67301, USA
            Tel:          316-331-4100
            Fax:          316-331-5344


            Kansas City Community College
            English Language Department

            Location:  Kansas City
            Address:  7250 State Avenue
                             Kansas City, KS 66112, USA
            Tel:          913-334-1100 ext. 262


            McPherson College
            Intensive English Program

            Location:  Lindsborg
            Address:  1600 E. Euclid Avenue
                             McPherson, KS 67460-3899, USA
            Tel:          316-241-0731
            Fax:          316-241-8443


            Ottawa University
            English Language Institute

            Location:  Ottawa
            Address:  1001 South Cedar, #58
                             Ottawa, KS 66067-3399, USA
            Tel:          (913) 242-5200
            Send E-mail to: mordy@iso.ott.edu


            Pittsburg State University
            Intensive English Program

            Location:  Pittsburg
            Address:  1701 South Broadway
                             Pittsburg, KS 66762
            Tel:          (316) 235-4676
            Send E-mail to: cmekkaou@pittstate.edu


            Washburn University of Topeka
            Intensive English Center

            Location:  Topeka
            Address:  1700 College Avenue
                             Topeka, KS 66621, USA
            Tel:          (913) 231-1010
            Send E-mail to: zzisa@acc.wuacc.edu


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