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            Click on the name of the U.S. region to review American English language schools and programs
            New England | Middle Atlantic | Midwest | Pacific Northwest | South | Southwest | West | California

            Featured English Language Schools:

            Located in downtown Boston, our English School aims to provide quality English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction to everyone who needs it. Different programs, different schedules, but the same goal: the highest quality instruction at the best price. No matter your needs are, English Language School in Boston has a program that's right for you! We offer Superior Quality of English Language Instruction at an Affordable Price!

            Location:  Boston, Massachusetts
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            NESE has consistently been recognized as a leader in the field of English as a Second Language.Our average class size is 12 students.NESE is located in Harvard Square in Cambridge, adjacent to Harvard University and just a few minutes' walk from the Charles River. Students have the choice of participating in NESE's Intensive Program (9:00-3:15 each day) or in its Semi-Intensive Program (9:00-12:30 each day). Besides General English, NESE offers TOEFLŪ Preparation and Business English. Our classes (and student residences) are divided by English Levels and age groups.

            Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
            Address: 36 John F. Kennedy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138
            Tel: + 1 (617) 864-7170
            Fax: + 1 (617) 864-7282
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            UCAELI offers year-round intensive English instruction on the beautiful campus of the University of Connecticut. Fall and Spring sessions are 15 weeks and Summer sessions are 8 weeks. Students have access to all the university's resources and facilities and live in dormitories on campus. 天津彩票官方开奖stays may also be arranged. Our location is midway between Boston and New York. Seasonal trips and activities are provided each session. We offer programs for adults and high school students. We welcome you to study at New England's top public university!

            Location: Storrs, Connecticut
            Address: 2006 Hillside Rd., U-1198, Storrs, CT 06269
            Tel: 860-486-6854
            Fax: 860-486-3834
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            Yale University's English Language Institute offers six-week intensive English language courses as well as graduate and professional seminars every summer in New Haven. These seminars are designed to address the language and discipline-specific needs of students, business professionals and law professionals. Students receive practice in the oral and written communication skills needed to succeed in graduate work, graduate management programs, medical studies, or advanced legal studies. Assignments are designed to provide orientation to vocabulary and concepts of the discipline and to give practice in the kinds of work that will be required of students.

            Location: Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
            Address: 55 Whitney Avenue, Suite 430, New Haven, CT 06510 USA
            Tel: 203-432-2430
            Fax: 203-432-2434
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            Intensive English immersion courses for adult professionals from around the world. We offer private and mini-group classes for all levels from beginning to advanced. Featuring individual attention, lively classes, experienced teachers, total English immersion from morning to night, family-style meals and accommodations, exciting excursions and activities, and diversity of age and nationality. Open all year; new courses begin every Monday.

            Location: Camden, Maine
            Address: 35 Union St., Camden, ME 04843
            Tel: 207-354-7105
            Fax: 207-354-7287
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            EC Boston, established in 1992, is located in a beautiful building in the heart of the Back Bay district of Boston. From this fashionable area it is easy for you to explore the wonderful attractions Boston offers. The school is couple of blocks away from Coply Square, and just minutes from Copley T Station.

            Location: Boston, Massachusetts
            Address: 729 Boylston Street, Massachusetts
            Tel: 617 247 3033
            Fax: 617 247 3033
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            Improve your American English in a fun, safe, small group environment! Come and study English at the University of Maine. Learn from experienced sensitive teachers, in a safe and comfortable place, and make some great friends from around the world. At the University of Maine you will improve both your academic English and your listening and speaking skills for social communication. The IEI offers conversation partners and the students can participate in a variety of Univerisity of Maine campus clubs and activities.

            Location: Orono, Maine
            Address: The University of Maine, Orono, ME 04469
            Tel: 2207-581-3821
            Fax: 207-581-3803
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            Come study English in beautiful coastal southern Maine at the UNE! The Intensive English Language Program (IELP) for international students who wish to improve their English skills through our 8-week sessions during the summer and throughout the academic year.

            Location: Biddeford, Maine
            Address: 11 Hills Beach Road, Biddeford, ME 04103, USA
            Tel: 207-602-2240
            Fax: 207-602-5900
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            English Language Schools in New England
            New England contains the essence of America's history and countless year-round activities to make your English Language studies in the United States memorable. From colonial towns and village greens, to the flash and sass of Boston entertainment, New England is where you should plan to take your English Language course.
            States: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.
            You can also search ESL schools in the U.S. by program specialization. Just click on the Special English as a Second Language program:
            General English Programs
            English for Professionals
            Exam Preparation